Philly's La Colombe Debuts SELF HEATING Coffee

Philly’s La Colombe Coffee Company just came up with a new way to drink coffee.

It’s a self-heating coffee can. All you do is twist the bottom of the can, wait two minutes, give it a little shake and you have hot coffee!

And no, it's not lukewarm, they say it'll be around 130 degrees hot!

They’re testing it out at their Fishtown store and if people like it, they’ll roll it out to more locations.

Only issue? The cans are selling at $5. La Colombe says if it catches on, they'll be able to produce more and lower the cost.

Is it a cool idea? Yes. Will it catch on? Ehhhh. It's not like we live in a place where you can't find coffee every block.

Would you try it?

Learn more at the Inquirer.

(Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Goop)

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