Chocolate Chip McGriddles Also On The Horizon At McDonald's?

So, it was announced last week that McDonald's is gonna change the game again and take their already amazing McGriddle's and go the extra mile - and add blueberries to them! The company is currently testing them out in their Washington D.C. stores, but let's be real, it's definitely gonna be a hit and go nationwide.

The fact that they are now open to adding blueberries to the McGriddle begs the question of other options as well - including chocolate chips! It'd be like having a delicious mapley chocolate chip pancake with your egg-cheese-bacon sandwich. Could you imagine anything better?

Well, it appears that McDonald's MAY be in the process of doing it in the future, if we are to read into their tweets a bit.

When asked about chocolate chip McGriddle's in our future, this was their response:


Now, this may seem like a typical response you may get on social media. But a bit of digging shows that this was their same exact response when asked back in December 2018 about BLUEBERRY (and Chocolate Chip) McGriddle's. And now... blueberry is actually happening!


So, essentially, we are gonna go the sleuth route and just say that we think this means it's going to happen eventually, based on what they've said in the past. Could this be a total reach? Of course - but we'd like to think it will happen. And we hope so too! If you want to see the Chocolate Chip McGriddle happen, make sure to add your voice on social media as well! We can make this happen! 😂

Photo: YouTube


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