City Poles Will NOT Be Greased For Celebrations

[UPDATE] The poles WON'T be greased in Crisco...instead, it will be AXLE GREASE! Do NOT get this stuff on your OR your cloths because they will be ruined! Not even the dry cleaners will get this stuff out! 

[ORIGINAL POST] Philly PD have said it's not worth it to keep wasting Crisco greasing the poles around the city, especially if the Birds win. -People are GOING to get up them regardless.

What Police Commissioner, Rich Ross, DID say is that they're going to have a," very, very large number of police officers" on the ground to ensure any celebrating is don't peacefully. 

Let's also remember, Philly, if the Birds unfortunately don't win, the same goes for peaceful disappointment gatherings. -But we're not going to lose so, we won't even think about that :)

Read more at (photo credit: 6ABC  Action News)


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