JVKE: Turning The Tik Tok Dream Into Reality

FINALLY! We got to meet JVKE in person after our last zoom podcast and boy is he tall... 6' 7" in fact, and although he's hard to miss in our brand new studios -- he definitely keeps It down to earth while talking about his journey from making beats on TikTok to real life music making!

He also talks about his new album and how the song titles are part of a greater story...

We also deep dive into his new song "This Is What Falling In Love Feel's Like" and I may or may not have accidentally spoiled the ending for you... but It's still really good so It's a must see!

Overall, we had the BEST time with JVKE -- join us!

Check out our latest chat on my podcast, Serving SiRACHa (and our fancy shmancy new camera video of our episode) below!

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