Blume In Rittenhouse is Back with NEW Blume Burgers and Boozy Milkshakes!

It's been a whole year without one of my beloved favorite restaurants, but now as things open up again, it's back and BETTER than ever!

Blume in Rittenhouse has always been a fan favorite for Its floral ambience hanging from the ceiling, It's casual yet classy high top cocktail vibe. But now, as of TODAY -- it's adding even more incentive to their menu by introducing the BLUME BURGER, paired with a gourmet BOOZY MILKSHAKE -- along with some other comfort foods to easy you back into society 😅

The Blume Burger is allegedly named the "most colorful, stylish and instagram-worthy burger in Philadelphia" and consists of delish onion rings stuffed between a cheese burgery goodness, bacon, lettuce, tomato & all the fixin's

I tried the blueberry fruity pebble & peach cobbler milkshake which is the perfect alcoholic desert to fill you up and give ya that yummy buzz you want for happy hour!

I scoped out the scene for you a day early.... check It out below!