Gritty Heads To Toronto To Support Flyers, But Makes TERRIBLE Mistake...

Our poor, sweet Gritty. We have nothing short of a committed mascot to represent our Philadelphia Flyers!

However... As our big orange fur ball was making their way to Toronto to cheer on the fly-guys in series two of the playoffs against the NY Islanders, it looks like Gritty took to Twitter to document a huge mistake that was made... and I'm sorry but I can't help but laugh.

The problem with Gritty's trip is that, due to the coronavirus restrictions and a misunderstanding, Gritty ended up in Toronto OHIO rather than Toronto Canada where the NHL players have been quarantined and playing the season.

But good news is, Gritty made the most of the trip by exploring the town and is now making his way back hoe to Philly -- per Twitter, the adventure looks less than nothing short of entertaining! Check it out below.