Tove Lo Tells Us The SHOCKING Meaning Behind The Name Of New Album [VIDEO]

This girl is actually amazing!

I got the pleasure of chatting with Tove Lo -- who has a new album coming out this fall called "Sunshine Kitty".

Now... Knowing Tove Lo... let your imagination fly with that album title because your thought is most likely correct.

The vocal icon joined us in the ATTTHANKS Sound Studio to chat about it's powerful meaning and inspiration for the album.

Let's just say, Tove Lo said the album is a lot "happier" (maybe hence the sunshine?) and more "female" inspired (hence the...kitty?)

Check out our chat below, along with her exclusive performance and her game of "TOVE HIGH LOW"

Tove Lo Meet + Greet at Q102 Philly - July 2019
Tove Lo Meet + Greet at Q102 Philly - July 2019
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