Chipotle Only Has 6 KEY Ingredients In It's Guacamole... [VIDEO]

It's honestly not as easy as it looks...

The guacamole is famous at Chipotle around the nation, we all know that. But what actually goes inside of it that makes it so perfect?

ONLY 6 INGREDIENTS! Well... 7 if you include love.

But once you get the hang of scooping out the avocados, this recipe is one that you can definitely make at home!

All you need is lime juice, cilantro, jalapeño, onion, avocado and salt! Literally, that's all...

Thankfully, I got some tips and tricks from the Chipotle experts themselves on how to make the perfect guac in honor of National Avocado Day on 7/31 -- check out the how-to!

FREE Guac at Chipotle for National Avocado Day!!
FREE Guac at Chipotle for National Avocado Day!!
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