How to Get a Number at an Eagles Tailgate!

It's officially Eagles season in Philly, which means it's also the beginning of making out season. Let's kill two birds with one stone. In this article I'll give you a three-step process detailing how to successfully get a number during a tailgate.

Step 1. Before you even start talking to someone, let them know you are a friendly. Gently scream "GO BIRDS!" at them using the loudest, most raspy voice you can muster. This will let them know you aren't a stupid Pelicans fan or whatever they are called and also show them your passion for the eagles in a non-threatening way.

Step 2. Compliment their Eagles merch. If they idon'thave any on, you probably shouldn't be talking to them in the first place they are probably from North Jersey or something.

Step 3. Now it's time to ask for their number if they haven't already offered it up, suggest meeting up after the game preferably a dive bar in South Philly, people are always making out in those.

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