Nugget's Weight-Loss Tip For People Who Don't Like Thinking A Lot

Let's be honest. Weight loss can be insanely difficult. I'm not a dietician or nutritionist but I feel like I've mastered little tips and hacks to help me stop stuffing my face and I want to share my latest advice. You have seen them in stores and laughed them off, criticized the size of them and thought they were pointless, but 100-calorie packs are where it's at.

You can find them in all sorts of snacks from pretzels, to cookies, to nuts, no matter what you are craving you're sure to find the right pack for you. You normally get a big box of these packs and they will last you about a week depending on how much of a snacker you are. I am TERRIBLE. I snack all the time and don't stop until I finish the bag, that's where these tiny packs of treats come in. They help you to stop the endless snacking by letting you get to the bottom of the bag easier! Are they sometimes overpriced? Sure. Is it worth it? Absolutely. Especially if you have the same snacking habits as me.


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Depending on your calorie goals you could potentially have two or three of these per day and be completely fine! There's definitely the risk of going through a whole box of them in one day but as long as you aren't doing that it should definitely help with your non-stop snacking.

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