Unheard Stories From Uncle Johnny Of Barbra Streisand Hitchhiking & More

Today we had a special guest join our show: Uncle Johnny!

Uncle Johnny didn't make any cocktails this morning, but we did have him tell some jokes during the main show and then stay for our 15 Minute Morning Show podcast to tell us even more stories that we have never heard before. In the past Uncle Johnny has mentioned Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand as people he has met in passing, however Uncle Johnny revealed today that he was once Judy Garland's escort and once picked up Barbra Streisand hitchhiking!

Uncle Johnny also dived into stories of the gay clubs and how they would invite lesbians to the club so that the police wouldn't catch them and arrest them for being gay. He also described the day he came out to his dad.

Watch Uncle Johnny tell the fascinating stories above.

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