Lance Bass Says An *NSYNC Reunion Is Possible And They 'Owe It To Fans'

Photo: Getty Images

Fans have been hoping for an *NSYNC reunion for years and according to Lance Bass, it might be closer than they realize. In an interview where he discussed his new podcast Lance Bass Presents: Frosted Tips he also fielded some questions relating to a reunion of the legendary boy band. Fellow *NSYNC members J.C. Chasez and Joey Fatone have already been guests of Bass' new podcast where they tell stories and secrets from their days as one of the biggest acts in all of music.

The closest thing fans have gotten to a proper reunion came when four of the band's five members reunited for Ariana Grande's 2019 Coachella performance. Bass also explained what it might take to get the group together for a proper reunion, saying "I think it just has to be the right time; we all have to be inspired in the moment. But I do think the world needs something again from *NSYNC. I always feel bad that there was no ending, because we didn’t have a final show, we didn’t have a final tour, because we didn’t know it was the final days." He finished by saying that "we owe it to the fans to give them something at some point."

In his new podcast, Bass invites various boy band alums to share secrets and stories from their legendary runs. "We had to keep it very PG back in the day, and there was a lot of stuff going down behind the curtain. There’s definitely a lot of secrets being told. It’s a really great look at the music industry, especially in that era."

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