Portia De Rossi Surprises Ellen DeGeneres With Sweet Vow Renewal

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Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi may have been married for years, but that's not going to stop them from shouting out their love surrounded by loved ones. The longtime couple recently renewed their vows in a sweet ceremony set up by de Rossi, who surprised her wife with ceremony during her own birthday party.

DeGeneres shared a video of the vow renewal on The Ellen Show's YouTube page, teasing a clip from the big day on social media alongside a sweet message thanking Brandi Carlile for performing and Kris Jenner for officiating.

"Portia surprised my at her birthday part by renewing our vows," she said. "Thank you @KrisJenner for officiating and @BrandiCarlile for performing, and Portia for being the greatest gift to me, even on your birthday."

De Rossi decided to celebrate her 50th birthday in wedded bliss, surprising DeGeneres by walking into the celebration in her wedding dress and handing her wife a bouquet of flowers. As Carlile serenaded the couple with "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face," a shocked DeGeneres and a beaming de Rossi made their way to Jenner before DeGeneres seems to fully grasp what is happening, exclaiming "Oh my god!" and grabbing her wife's hand.

"These two are couple goals who continue to amaze me with how cute they are together," said Jenner, adding that they were "born for each other." "A match made in heaven. Two peas in a pod. Their love and commitment to one another is amazing and it makes me so happy that they each have each other to love and cherish and grow old with."

Jenner handed the floor over to de Rossi, who explained why she wanted to use her birthday as a time to celebrate the love she has for her wife of nearly 15 years. The couple tied the knot in a small ceremony in August 2008 at their Beverly Hills home, four years after they started dating.

"When I was thinking about what would make my birthday special, apart from being with family and friends, it was reminding you that you are the most important thing in the world to me. In front of family and friends," she said. "I was thinking about my life, my accomplishments, as you do when you have a big birthday, and it all just kept leading back to you and I thought what greater accomplishment can I ever, ever, ever have than being loved by someone who is so magnificent, by someone as incredible as you."

She continued, "How lucky am I to be with somebody who accepts me for exactly who I am, who loves me for exactly who I am. It's you, thingy, it always has been. ... I will always love you. I am so honored to be your wife."

After sharing a kiss and spurred on by the cheers of their loved ones, an emotional DeGeneres told her wife how much she means to her.

"I just adore you," she said. "I love you and I would not be on this earth without you, you save me every day. Thank you for saving me every day and I'm the lucky one."

Check out the surprise ceremony in the video below.

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