Umm, Yum? Mario Lopez As KFC's Colonel Sanders In New Lifetime Mini-Movie

Not sure how I feel about this...but I'm sure the single mom's out there are sweating.

The internet is going nuts over the announcement from Lifetime about a mini-movie featuring 'Saved By The Bell' hunk Mario Lopez as a sexy Colonel Sanders...yes, THAT Colonel Sanders.

Lopez is literally dressed as the KFC mascot, but in a weird, sexy way, in the mini-movie titled "A Recipe For Seduction". The mini-movie premieres on Sunday at 12 p.m. on Lifetime. It's about a young heiress that has to choose between a suitor from her mother or a chef named Harland Sanders as her husband.

It's definitely a classic love story, and I'm sure Mario Lopez, er, Colonel Sanders will bring his legendary 11 herbs and spices into the mix.

Source: Deadline

Photo: Getty Images

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