Twitter Relaunching Verification System In 2021

It looks like you can start chasing the coveted "blue checkmark" for the Twitter platform again in 2021, after the social media giant removed the verification submission online form in 2017.

This time, it may be even harder to attain, because there is a revamped process and more details disclosed on how to get verified.

According to Jane Manchun Wong on Twitter, she received info that Twitter has begun to finalize the verification process to rollout for public use, which is still undetermined. Right now, there are six types of accounts eligible for verification: government officials, brands/nonprofits, news, entertainment, sports, and activists. And according to 9to5 Mac, Twitter will even review existing accounts that are verified and do NOT meet the new standards. That means they could even remove verification from existing accounts.

All I can say is, good luck on getting one and if you already have one, you've been warned.

(Photo: Getty Images)

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