Ticketmaster Might Want You To Test Negative For COVID-19 To Attend Events

We all miss live concerts, right? And with every live show, you have to go through a very complex preparation process beforehand...

Who's coming with me? What should I wear? Are we tailgating before the show? How can I sneak backstage?

Ok, maybe not that last one, but now Ticketmaster may add to your list of things to do before a show or event - get tested for COVID-19.

According to Billboard, once a vaccine is approved and in place, and when concerts and live events resume, Ticketmaster is toying with the idea of requiring a negative COVID-19 test result or proof they received the vaccine. Also, that test result would have to be within a 24-72 hour window.

What do you think? The price we pay to get some time with our favorite musicians on the live stage?

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