Wawa Reveals First Drive-Thru Only Store

You’ll soon be able to make your Wawa run without leaving the car. The chain announced its plan to build it’s first drive-thru only store in Falls Township right here in Bucks County. They’re hoping to have it open by December of this year.

New Jersey will also be getting a drive-thru of their own. Wawa is renovating their Westampton store to include a drive-thru.

Courtesy of Wawa

Here's the press release:

Wawa, PA (Thursday, July 30) – Wawa officially announced today its plans to build an1,850sf, freestanding drive-thru at the intersection of West Trenton and Pine Grove Roads in Falls Township, PA in Lower Bucks County. The architectural design is based on key Wawa brand elements such as the trademarked canopy, while the offer is focused on fresh food in a drive thru experience. With an ongoing mission of providing convenience for customers, this innovative model is solely focused on drive thru and curbside pickup service where customers can use state-of-the-art technology to quickly order Wawa’s most popular food and beverages, including value meals, combo meals along with coffee and specialty beverages. “Wawa continues to test new store concepts with this latest drive thru format, providing an opportunity for our customers to still experience and enjoy their favorite Wawa products while remaining inside their vehicle,” said Terri Micklin, Director of Construction, Wawa. “It is critical to provide new ways to access Wawa, increase convenience and provide new options for service.” Wawa aims to begin construction in late August 2020 with a targeted opening date of December 2020 and looks forward to offering employment opportunities to twenty-five members of the community, including 4 full-time positions. “We are hoping to learn from the layout, workflow and traffic flow at this location, as we continue to explore alternatives for longer term application to our stores post-COVID-19,” said Micklin. “We appreciate the opportunity to partner with Falls Township officials, who are providing us with the approvals and support of this newly designed store format that will be of benefit to the community.” In addition to this freestanding drive-thru, Wawa has also announced its plans to add a drive-thru feature to a new store currently under construction in Westhampton, NJ.

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