What Is Your Most Prized Possession? Here Are The Top 10 Things

A new survey asked people to name their most prized possessions. Looks like quite a few of the top 10 things are very popular items that people treasure. The survey, conducted by OnePoll, asked 2,000 Americans about their most valued possessions that have been passed down generations.

The Top 10 things are as follows:

1. Family photos.

2. A wedding ring.

3. A piece of jewelry.

4. An engagement ring.

5. A family heirloom.

6. A laptop computer.

7. A car.

8. A wedding dress.

9. A child's memory box.

10. A TV.

If you ask me, it's a pretty accurate list, maybe except the TV. I feel like TVs are VERY disposable now, not like when they were big, expensive boxes back in the day.

(Photo: Getty Images)

Fuzzy Television in Corner of Room

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