Workouts For When The Gyms Are Closed During The Coronavirus Shutdown

(Please talk to your physician before attempting any new diet or workout plan, especially if you're new to this.)

Look, I know you are probably wondering how you can get an effective workout since gyms across the country are shut down during the Coronavirus outbreak. We will get through this together, as long as we follow the guidelines set by our local, state, and federal governments.

Yes, that means staying inside, but you don't have to be cooped up inside the house all day.

If you already have a gym membership, like I do, for 24 Hour Fitness, you can definitely take advantage of their 24 Go App, which is free and has over 1,500 workouts to keep you busy at home and outside in your backyard. Definitely great to break a sweat because your health is worth it.

Here's some outdoor workouts you can do without breaking that "social distancing" rule:

  • Brisk walk - if you're new to working out, go find a park nearby or walk around the block and get that heart rate up to burn calories.
  • Run - for my runners, you already know! Go for a run in the park or a nearby trail to get your miles in!
  • Cycling - this is my wheelhouse, I have a road bike I can throw in my car and go for a ride in a park or bike trail.
  • Walk your dog - always good for you and your pet.

But, if you're not fond of doing the outdoor thing, there are plenty of ways to get your workout at home!

Check out a couple easy workout videos I pulled from

Stay healthy!

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