LA Restaurant Selling Emergency Taco Kits Complete With Toilet Paper & Eggs


A restaurant in the arts district in Downtown LA is getting creative on how their restaurant operates during these unprecedented times.

Guerrilla Tacos, located on 2000 E 7th St in downtown, had to find ways to serve its customers in a strictly take-out/delivery system, recently put into effect by the Mayor.

It started with a team meeting, led by co-owners Brittney Valles and Wes Avila, who is also a chef for the restaurant. They wanted to sell food in a batch/family style. That's how the "Emergency Taco Kits" came to life: five pounds of roasted chicken, five pounds of carne asada, a pint of red salsa, a pint of green salsa, tortillas, onions, cilantro, and rice and beans. Yum, right?

That wasn't all they thought of, because each Emergency Taco Kit also comes with four rolls of toilet paper and 30 eggs to alleviate the stress of searching for these items at the supermarket.

The light bulb lit up and the idea was brought to life.

As of Tuesday, the restaurant had sold over 70 kits. If you're looking for food to feed a family or maybe you don't want to cook...and you need some toilet paper, you can order the kits on their website for about $150.

Give them time to prepare your order, and make sure to thank your small business owners for being there for you and weathering the storm to provide their services for you.

Source: CNN

Thumbnail Photo: Getty Images

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