Here's A Running List Of Things To Do While Stuck At Home

I know this isn't a fun time for anyone, but it's a great time to re-focus and re-connect with yourself or maybe with your family.

Here are some things you can do at home so you don't go stir crazy.

If you have any more ideas to add to the list, hit me up on my socials on Twitter and on Instagram! (@MyNameIsRaph)

  1. Complete a puzzle, or better yet, figure out that Rubik's cube
  2. Start a journal or blog about anything, you experiences right now
  3. Learn a new instrument or dust off an old one and fine tune your skills
  4. Start a new TV series or watch that favorite movie again for the 50th time
  5. Get into poetry, learn how to write poetry and experiment with your creative side
  6. Work out! You can totally do so many body-weight exercises to break a sweat
  7. Learn a new language using the many apps available
  8. Read a book or jump back into reading with magazines or novels (no reading website articles...except this one)
  9. Meditate to reclaim your personal time and focus on your mind
  10. Learn a new hobby, like arts and crafts
  11. Play some board games, Monopoly can take hours...
  12. Get into some video games, like the Nintendo Switch, perfect for multiplayer fun
  13. Organize your clothes and room, maybe do some spring cleaning and get rid of old unwanted clothes
  14. Card games! You know you wanna play Uno!
  15. Scavenger hunt inside the house

Source: USA Today

Photo: Getty Images / Mladen Zivkovic

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