[Listen] Vietnam's Oddly Catchy Coronavirus PSA Song

As the coronavirus continues to spread, governments are taking action in an attempt to keep their countries' residents safe. Vietnam in particular seems to have nailed the awareness strategy by releasing a wildly catchy PSA promoting preventative measures such as hand-washing and sanitation.

Here is the loose translation from google translate if you'd like to sing along.

"Recently, there has been a very hot virus

Her name is Corona

Where are you from? My hometown is in Wuhan

Being peaceful suddenly escaped

Definitely one should be on high alert

Do not let her spread

Surely we should be determined to voluntarily

To prevent disease outbreak

Rub and rub hands to rub and rub evenly

Do not put your hands on your eyes, nose or mouth

And limit going to crowded places

Repel the Corona Corona virus

Always improve your health

And clean the space around you

Together raise awareness of society

Repel the Corona Corona virus"

(Photo: Getty Images)

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