Panera Offering A $9/Month Coffee Subscription And It's A Good Deal

Panera is going the subscription route with a new coffee service where you pay $8.99 per month (plus tax). The only catch is you have to be a member of the MyPanera rewards program to sign up, but that's free.

Ok, maybe there's another catch on how often you can get's every two hours. I'm sure that's a fair deal and you won't be needing more than a few cups of coffee per day. You can order one hot coffee, iced coffee, or hot tea per visit.

Let's break it down by the numbers:

Panera’s coffee is around $2.09 for a 16 oz. cup and $2.39 for a 20 oz cup. The tea runs around the same prices as well.

Let's say you get a large hot coffee at Panera once a week, you’re paying $9.56. You break even with only a once per week visit. Now, if you frequent Panera at about 20 days each month, coffee becomes super cheap at about 45 cents a cup.

Nice deal, huh?

Source: Lifehacker

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