Lifehack: How To Keep People From Distracting You At The Gym

You have to admit, half the battle of getting into a good workout routine is getting to the gym. Once you're there, it may be difficult to focus because you may have friends there or you're chatting away with a neighbor.

According to Lifehacker, there are plenty of ways to keep people from distracting you at the gym so you can get in and get out. I know this may sound mean and disrespectful, but sometimes you have to sacrifice conversation with getting your fitness on!

Go early - This is common sense. Get to the gym early when there's less people to chat with. Also, morning gym goers are usually the less chatty type. If you go at night, be prepared to chat away with all your friends and neighbors.

Wear headphones - This helps tremendously. When you have headphones in, people visually see that you're busy and don't want the distraction. Sometimes, it doesn't register to people right away, but it gives you an excuse to ignore them by "accident."

Do not make eye contact - Pretty simple. If you don't want people to chat with you at the gym, don't make eye contact. Keep focused.

Be honest - Ok, maybe body language might not help as your first line of defense, but you can politely tell chatty Kathy or talkin' Tyler that you need to get back to your workout because of time.

Group of friends doing pushups with dumbbells

Photo: Thomas Barwick / Getty Images

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