A Haunted Elsa Doll Keeps Mysteriously Returning After Family Throws It Out

A Texas family couldn’t “Let It Go” when a Frozen doll kept popping up at their house after they attempted to throw it out. 

Emily Madonia and her husband threw out an Elsa doll after it would only speak in Spanish despite it speaking in English after it was purchased. Madonia tried to switch the doll to speak English but eventually, it would speak Spanish no matter the position the switches were in. 

After trying to throw it out it kept popping up and after sharing the story on Facebook many users felt that a hoax was being played on Emily by her husband or daughter. 

Emily wasn't convinced so she shipped the doll to a friend over 2,000 miles away, it was received by her friend who fascinated it to the front of his jeep, however, Emily thinks somehow the Elsa doll will find its way back to Texas. 

Check out more of the story here + check out their posts below:

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