Taco Bell Pulls Ground Beef From Select Stores Due To Quality Concerns

If you’re going to Taco Bell this week, you may not be able to get ground beef in your tacos temporarily, as CNN reports that about “2 million pounds of seasoned beef used in Taco Bell burritos and tacos have been removed from restaurant locations across the country.” TWO MILLION POUNDS!

Kenosha Beef International, Taco Bell’s beef provider, recalled the beef over concerns that it could be contaminated with metal shavings. Luckily, 100% of the product that had been contaminated had been removed from all restaurants across the 21 states that were affected - now it's just making sure there is enough stock left after so much was removed.

As for any possible contaminations while the beef was still in the locations before it was removed, there hasn’t been any confirmed reports of reactions yet. They do add though that if anyone is concerned about an “injury or illness” they should contact their healthcare provider.

Officials only discovered the problem after a customer actually complained about having found a piece of metal shaving in their food.

Photo: Getty


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