Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Arrested & Tased After Alleged Attack On Jen Harley

With news just days ago that the two were back together after another break-up, TMZ is now reporting that Jersey Shore's Ronnie was not only arrested, but tased as well, after an alleged attack on on-and-off-again girlfriend Jen Harley.

TMZ reports that Ronnie is now in police custody after “allegedly striking Jen Harley, chasing her with a knife, and eventually, forcing the cops to tase him.”

They say that the two apparently got into another argument this morning around 2:30am at an Airbnb in LA, and it got out of hand quickly. Ronnie allegedly slapped and punched Jen, who ran out of the house screaming for help. Ronnie then allegedly ran after Jen with a knife in his hand, and apparently also holding their young daughter, Ariana.

The police then arrived on the scene, as Ronnie eventually dropped his knife and locked himself and Ariana inside their house.

TMZ reports that the police tried to break the door down, and when Ronnie wouldn’t go peacefully, they had to taser him once they got to him.

Photo: Getty


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