Got The New iPhone? 10 Features to Enable and Disable

Who got the new iPhone 11? According to sales over the weekend, it's looking pretty strong. So, here are some reminders and ten important features to enable/disable:

1) Activate Dark Mode. Pretty self explanatory, it's simply better looking. No more bright white light glowing at night while your scrolling through Instagram. Dark Mode is beautiful.

2) Change Video Capture Quality. Depending on your needs for capturing video (documentary, or fun IG stories), your new iPhone can film in 4K with smooth 60 fps. Try it, Steven Spielberg. You'll love it.

3) Capture Photos Outside The Frame. Since this new iPhone has like a ton of cameras, you can make sure when you capture film, it grabs ALL aspects, including a wide-angle (which is pretty cool.)

4) Customize Control Center. It's the main "swipe" feature that has all the cool shortcuts. Customize it for your own needs, like a shortcut to your flashlight or audio recording device.

5) Set up Voice Control.You can customize what key words open what app, so Siri can actually work FOR you.

6) Monitor Your Screen Time. Yes, you want to make sure your eyes arent glued to your phone 24/7/365.

7) Limit Ad Tracking. You don't want those ads that target what you do on your phone, do you? That's just creepy.

8) Disable True Tone Display. Figure out which type of screen is easier on your eyes - the cool blue or the warm look.

9) Turn On Automatic Updates. You always want to have the latest updates for your phone so it doesn't get infected with viruses.

10) Customize Today View. Another useful tool for you to show calendar events, reminders, weather, etc.

(Thanks to Tom's Guide)

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