Pizza Hut Announces New Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza

Just when you thought Pizza couldn’t get any better or crazier… Pizza Hut went and changed the game. They just announced a new Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza… yes… CHEEZ-IT PIZZA!

Unfortunately, not actual Cheez-It’s on the pizza, but just as good — a giant orange square that looks exactly like a Cheez-It square, packed with tons of cheese and served marinara sauce on the side to dip it into. You can also get it filled with pepperoni, as well.

The new Stuffed Cheez-It pizza is available now at locations nationwide, and starting on September 24th, will join the $5 N’ Up line-up. Try it while you can - these things never seem to stay on the menu for too long!

Photo: Mandy James/Facebook

Photo: Pizza Hut

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