Maid of Honor Wears T-Rex Costume To Sister's Wedding!

It's pretty awesome when a bride and groom tells the wedding party they can wear 'anything' to the wedding. If you've ever been a part of weddings, especially a groomsman or bridesmaid, it can get expense and costly trying to get your outfit ready for the big day.

So, Christina Meador, the Maid of Honor and sister of the bride, decided to take that definition of 'anything' to the next level.

She decided to wear one of those inflatable T-Rex costumes for the big day, ceremony and all. She even bragged about it on Facebook an it went VIRAL. Just in case you missed the photo:

And here's the Facebook post that went viral:

Pretty funny, right? But some people may look at this as she's stealing her sister's "thunder" being the special day. What do you think?

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