This Landmark Was Just Named Pennsylvania's "Most Boring" Tourist Trap

So who knew this even existed? Far and Wide came out with their list of the worst and "most boring" tourist traps in each state - and in Pennsylvania, Erwin's Big Mac Museum was the one they chose! Honestly, we didn't even know this was in PA!

This is what they had to say about museum, and why it made their "worst" list for PA:

The problem with this museum isn’t the fact that it exists in the first place, though its "exhibits" — including a 14-foot-tall Big Mac and a display examining the evolution of the burger wrapper — are indeed pretty weak.
It’s that the Big Mac was actually invented at a McDonald’s outpost in a Pennsylvania town about 40 miles away. Why not worship this gut punch at its actual birthplace?

Have you been there before? Is it worth it?

Check out more about the Big Mac Museum in PA right here!



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