Free VR-Like Ride at the Comcast Technology Center

If you've walked by the new Comcast Technology Center in Center City you've noticed a big sphere in the lobby. Well they finally revealed what it's all about: it houses a free short-film in a sort of virtual reality ride setting. The thing is called the Universal Sphere. If you haven't guessed, Comcast owns Universal including Universal Studios, so they know how to make rides. The short film is Executive Produced by Steven Spielberg and it explores "geniuses" through history and important documents that shape who we are. The whole movie is about 15 minutes long. If you want to learn more about the film and the background, Billy Penn has a good write up.

Can I Reserve Tickets?

Yes, you can reserve free tickets the day of at It'll ask for your location. You need to okay this. According to Comcast they do this to prevent people who are out of the area (say like California) from reserving tickets that day.

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