Wawa Wins Another Award

We have more proof that Wawa is the best. Gas station/convenience store bathrooms are usually super gross, but Wawa's are always really nice and clean. Yes, Wawa is waaaaay more than just a gas station and/or a convenience store, but hear me out on this.

The app GasBuddy which can tell you where the cheapest gas is around you also allows users to rate gas stations including how clean the bathrooms are. The cleanest bathrooms in our area (Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey) are all (drum roll please) Wawa's!!!

Yup, it seems like most states that Wawa is in, it got the honors, with six states total.

So if you're road tripping any time soon and you see a Wawa, pull over because chances are it's gonna have the best bathroom for you to use.

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