Would You Eat This: Creme Egg Flavored Mayo?

There are some people who HATE mayonnaise. Even the sight of it will send them running. Danielle from Elvis Duran and the Q102 Morning Show is like that. I personally don't mind regular mayo. It's good on certain types of hoagies.

Anyways, the people at Heinz and Cadbury seem to want me to change my mind about mayo and just hate it. They announced that they are teaming up to create a creme-egg flavored mayo. What?!? Those flavors just don't seem to go together.

According to CBS Philly, they're only going to be selling it in London and just for a few days in April. I guess they're smart enough to just do it for a few days. Thank goodness they choose London and not Philly to be the test market.

I'm sure there are going to be some people who like the taste, but even writing out creme-egg mayo makes me a little sick.

Picture from Heinz UK Facebook

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