[VIDEO] Bryce Harper's First Hit With The Phillies and It Was a GLORIOUS!

Bryce Harper is the talk of the town. The Philadelphia Phillies spent a fortune to sign him (which, by the way is a 13 year, $330 Million contract to keep him in the Phils uniform for the rest of his career). Naturally, the expectations are high with this guy, and Philly is a tough town to please.

Opening Day against Atlanta was a bust for Bryce, didn't even get a hit. The crowd booed, which is so Philly of us to do. So here comes Saturday, a gorgeous day in the city and I decided to snag a couple tickets to see what all the hype is about with Bryce.

Good thing I went Saturday. I got to see his first career hit as a Phillie and it was a BIG ONE! A Home Run into the upper decks of Right Field! The stadium felt like it was game 7 of the World Series with the electricity of the crowd!

I got it all on video below.

Totally worth the $330 Million contract if this keeps up.

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