Marshmallow Only Lucky Charms are Back!!!

Get excited Lucky Charms lovers, the marshmallow-only version of Lucky Charms is BACK but they only made a limited amount. The marshmallows are everyone's favorite part when it comes to Lucky Charms and after two years away from production, the marshmallow only version is back.

Unfortunately it's not as easy as running to the store. There are only 15,000 boxes that were made. Here's what you need to do if you want to score a box:

You first have to buy a box of (regular) Lucky Charms that's marked with the promotion. There's a code on one of the flaps inside the box that you enter at a special website. Once you enter the code, you're in the running for the marshmallow only box.

I don't understand why they don't sell them like regular Lucky Charms, but it's their cereal so it's their rules. I know superfans will definitely be on it though!

General Mills Lucky Charms Marshmallow Only

Lucky Charms announced the return of its Lucky Charms Marshmallow Only Promotion. 15,000 winners will receive a limited-edition box filled with rainbow and unicorn marshmallows.

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