How Much Money Does the "Friends" Cast Still Make???

Friends may have ended in 2004, but the cast is still making bank off of all those episodes. By the end of the series, the cast was each making $1 million per episode. So how much does the "Friends" cast make now? 

According to Marketplace, each cast member receives 2 percent of the syndication (the re-runs of the show after it aired) income. The show brings in $1 billion every year for the company, so that means each cast member makes $20 million every year for a show they don't work on anymore! Plus with the Netflix extension, it could go higher. 

That's amazing. Each of these cast members is so set for the rest of their lives because of our love for the show. Not only that but even if they make less as years go by, they'll still be gazillionaires. 

My new goal in life is to star in a show like Friends, do it for a few years and be set! Wish me luck! 

(Photo by Warner Bros. Television/Getty Images)


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