Chrissy Teigen Doesn't Know What to Feed Her Kids

Chrissy Teigen is dealing with something my mom had to deal with! One of her kids is a picky eater (I was the picky eater of my family)! The superstar mom, chef, model and wife of John Legend tweeted that her 2-year-old Luna is very particular when it comes to food. 

“I always came from the mindset of ‘eat what we serve or go to bed hungry’ but I’m officially owned by my toddler, struggling to make a *dinner* luna likes aside from spaghetti and fish sticks,” she lamented. “Any ideas welcome!”


“I’m spending my days making a menu, cooking and plating every meal and taking pics so my DARLING ANGEL will eat something WHO HAVE I BECOME … I just love projects,” Teigen wrote.

“A binder of laminated photos with TODDLER FOOD on Peppa Pig plates. A MENU FOR MY DAUGHTER. I actually didn’t realize how insane this was til I started typing it,” she concluded.

This is so true! Kids (and kids at heart) can be sooooo picky with what they eat. For example, I can't eat a sandwich unless the crusts are cut off. Am I still a baby??? 

 (Photo by Ari Perilstein/Getty Images for Feld Entertainment, Inc.)


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