5 Ways Philly Gives Back On "Giving Tuesday"!

On the second-to-last Thursday in November, we're thankful. On that Friday, we shop. Saturday -- Shop. Sunday, eat leftovers; then surf the web on Cyber Monday to shop some more. But the Tuesday following those "holidays" is probably the most important of all: Giving Tuesday

It's the day where we take a second to give back to those who are in need, including non-profits and organizations in our country/community! 

In which case, here are 5 ways people around Philly can give back on Giving Tuesday: 

#1:  Eagles Autism Challenge

 With a donation you can win one-of-a-kind #Eagles prizes, including a chance to win Alshon Jeffery’s autographed bike in the hopes of treating Autism.


#2: The Philly Plunge

People in Philly are "freezin' for a reason" & asking for donations to support the inclusion of Special Olympics athletes in Philly. What a fun way to raise some money to help ensure quality training, competition, leadership training, and health initiatives for people with special needs! 


#3: Philly PAL

This is the epitome of what it means to give back on Giving Tuesday! Dunkin', Philly PAL, Baskin Robbins & the Joy in Childhood Foundation came together to support kids battling hunger in Philadelphia, in order to help them experience more joy   


#4: End Distracted Driving

There's a father going around school in Philly on this Giving Tuesday to help put and end to Distracted Driving in Young Adults, after his 21 Year-Old-Daughter was killed in OCNJ while walking across the street. 

In the midst of his own hardship, Joel Feldman became the founder of this initiative to give youth the gift of knowledge as to how we can come together to make sure things like this don't happen to other families, like it did to his. 


#5: Philadelphia Animal Shelters

If you're an animal lover like me, then you could spend your giving Tuesday donating to the animal shelters in your area! I constantly donate blankets & towels to the animal shelter to help keep these fur babies warm. And like the Morris Animal Refuge, you can donate to help put our homeless pets into a warm, loving home!



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