Is Maroon 5 Doing the Super Bowl? Adam Levine Speaks Out

It's been will-they-won't-they about Maroon 5 and the Super Bowl Halftime Show. The rumor is that they're going to be performing, but nothing has been official. Adam Levine was on Ellen and while he didn't confirm anything, he did give some hints. He told Ellen that whoever the headlining act is probably nervous and "whoever is lucky enough to get that gig is probably going to crush it." 

The big fear for him is that the performance is in front of a "billion, gagillion people." All these cheeky responses make me think the band is totally going to be the halftime act. I think Maroon 5 would do a great job. They have a ton of songs that we all know, everyone likes them and they can totally put on a show. 

Unfortunately, we'll just have to wait to see when the NFL officially announces the halftime act. What do you think? Would Maroon 5 make a good halftime act? Check out Adam's interview below. 



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