Halsey SLAYS The Internet with Sexy Halloween Costume, G-Eazy Claps Back?

My favorite part of working at Q102 Philly is that on Monday mornings, we all gather in the studio like we're sitting at the lunch table gossiping about what happened at our friends party over the weekend -- except our "friends" are celebs that we just stalk on social media but pretend they're our bffs...

So today's Lunch Time Talk consisted of "WHAT WAS HALSEY WEARING

and the answer was:  "NOTHING!"

But that's like absolutely okay because Halsey absolutely SLAYED the internet over the weekend with her nothing-short-of-SEXY Poison Ivy costume, fitting the theme of her Gotham City halloween party in LA.

Ironically enough, her ex baux G-Eazy was NOT in attendance, as he was hosting a party at the Marquee in NYC -- but still decided to flaunt his "Two-Face" costume from across the country...

Ironic? Or Totally Intentional? 

Whatever the circumstances-- Halsey pretty much clap clapped back AGAIN by releasing the music video to her newest single WITHOUT YOU today following this weekend's events... 

Now pass the cheese-its! 

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