Darren Criss and Lea Michele Cover "Shallow" from a "Star is Born"

Holy amazingness! Former Glee castmates, Darren Criss and Lea Michele are currently touring around the US on the LM/DC tour. This past Friday, the two decided that they wanted to do a song from a "Star is Born." They decided to do the song "Shallow" that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper sing in the movie. They prefaced it by saying they've never sung this song before and the audience would be their guinea pigs.

If you're worried it would end up bad, don't! They did an AMAZING job. Lea hit that part of the song where she with the "ahh ahh ahhh aahhhh ahhhhhhh." Honestly, if they ever remake the movie (I know the Gaga/Cooper version is a remake) they should cast these two in it. 

Anyways, take a look at their performance. 

Photo: Screenshot from Twitter 

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