WATCH: Eagles' Jon Dorenbos Surprises Fan With Ellen

Ellen DeGeneres makes people's dreams come true every single day. Today, she had on Ben who is a big Ellen fan (aren't we all) as well as a huge Birds fan (ditto). 

Ben was diagnosed with autism as a young child. He told Ellen that he only knew 20 words as a 2-year-old but after working hard with a speech therapist, he now loves to "talk and talk. There's no off button." He says his motto with living with autism is, "Having Autism is not a bad thing and it doesn't characterize who we are. We are unique and special just like a rainbow." What an amazing quote!!!

Ellen's team told Ben that he was there to just interview the Eagles' former Long Snapper, Jon Dorenbros. The two are backstage when Ellen magically pops onto the TV and tells Ben to come on stage! After learning more about Ben, the two decide to surprise him with some amazing things. 

Take a look below. 

To learn more about the Eagles Autism Challenge, click here

(Photo: screenshot)

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