Demi Lovato Reaches out to Selena Gomez

Demi Lovato has reached out to Selena Gomez to show her support according to Radar Online. Selena Gomez suffered a mental breakdown last week and is currently getting treatment. Demi is in rehab after her near-death overdose experience that happened in the summer.  

Radar quotes a "family insider" who says, “She [Demi] has spoken to her [Selena] and will continue to be there for her just as Selena was there for Demi following her overdose.” Apparently, their mothers are also supporting each other during this difficult time. 

Demi and Selena grew up on similar paths. They both starred in Barney when they were extremely young and then had shows on Disney Channel. For a while, they were best friends, but something soured between the two. Some think it had to do with Selena dating Justin Beiber. Then in 2018, Demi's mom told People that they were in fact friends. 

Whatever the relationship was or is, it's nice that they are reaching out and supporting each other, although it's sad that it had to take these horrible events for them to supposedly reconnect. It seems like out of everyone in the world, those two must have the most in common and are probably the best to help each other since their life experiences of being a child star and going into music, are similar. 

I hope both are able to make full recoveries and do whatever in life makes them healthy and happy. Hopefully, that'll be with them together. 

(Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

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