Eagles Touchdown Chain Could Score You NFL Tickets [VIDEO]

Here at Q102 Philly, we just love our dear friend Christian Crosby -- you may know him best as the 'hype man' for the Philadelphia 76ers

But Christian's doing MANY amazing things on top of his campaign to spread 'Nice' around the City of Brotherly Love and beyond.... he's even working along side a company called 47 that could help score people like me (who have never been to an Eagles game...I know...) tickets to any NFL game of your choice! 

It's all possible in 5 easy steps:

1. Obtain a football

2. Put on your favorite sports apparel (which is obviously the Eagles??? DUH!) 

3. Catch the football & create a TD dance

4. Throw the football out of frame 

5. Save the video and use the hashtag #47TDCHAIN to qualify!

 5a. Follow @christiancrosby on Instagram and watch the how-to video because he's a lot better at explaining than I am...

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