Gritty Apparently Isn't Happy That President Trump Is In Philly? [VIDEO]

Get ready for the traffic to hit! 

President Donald Trump has made a touch-down into Philly to speak at the Convention Center for an Electrical Contractors Convention regarding small business growth.

However, the Penn Wharton Grad isn't getting the most warming welcome back to his alma mater city -- although it seemed to have started that way! 

Trump began his landing into Philadelphia just after 2pm on Tuesday, walking off of Air Force 1 with a wave to some fans and the validated 'fist pump' as the signature hello into the City of Brotherly Love, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer

But with fans, comes the haters... and President Trump definitely has some of those strolling around the city today. 

Protesters have gathered all around the convention center with many things to say to the businessman now President of the United States -- including a message from GRITTY?! 

The newest Philadelphia Mascot has been brought into the mix to get the attention of the President...even though he's barely a week old and has established a popularity that may honestly give President Trump a run for his money! 😂

Protesters have made a banner in the likeness of the NHL mascot that puts some bad words into his mouth... literally!

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