Now SEPTA Wants a Mascot

We've grown to love Gritty and so does the rest of the country. He was hanging out with Shawn Mendes and Jimmy Fallon last week! The transit people over at SEPTA want some love too, so they've decided to ask people to come up with a mascot that could represent the transit authority. 

People were quick to add their ideas 

It got me thinking: what mascot would I have for SEPTA? Here are some of my poorly-drawn ideas: 


Paulie the Puddle is that weird puddle full of identified liquid that smells really funny. It likes to show up over by City Hall and I always accidentally step in it :/ 


The ghost bus is the bus that's supposed to show up but never does. You spend the first five minutes waiting. Then you get annoyed. Then you get worried that it somehow was early and you missed. Then you get an Uber. 


Becky at the Backdoor is everyone's favorite stressed-out commuter who's waiting to leave at the back door, but the driver hasn't opened that door yet. She's (rightfully) worried that the bus is going to move on to the next stop without letting her out. Your good deed of the day will be to also yell at the driver to open the backdoor for Becky. 

I told you, I'm not an artist. 

So those are my ideas for the SEPTA mascot. What are yours??? 

(Photo by Jeff Fusco/Getty Images)

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