The 3 Artists I'm Most Excited to See at our iHeartRadio Music Festival

Our 2018 iHeartRadio Music Festival is upon us and I'm so excited!!!! Two amazing nights plus the daytime stage means tons of amazing musicians are going perform for us. The best place to hear it all? Right here on Q102. will also be broadcasting a live feed of the festivities as well.

Raph, Elvis Duran, Danielle, Skeery, Nate and our newest co-host Gandhi are all in Vegas so make sure you're following Q102 on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

There are a TON of stars playing this weekend. You can find the full lineup here. I'm excited to hear all of them, but these three are definitely the ones I'm keeping my eye on. 

1. Shawn Mendes 

Shawn did an amazing job when he was here for the NFL kickoff. He performed some of his newer stuff like "Lost in Japan." I'm excited to see what he'll perform for us in Vegas. I love all his songs, right now "In My Blood" is my fave. Check out some of Shawn's lyrics on love, that way you'll be prepared when he takes the stage Saturday night! 


2. Panic! At the Disco 

Panic! At the Disco has had a fantastic year with the release of their new album, "Pray for the Wicked." There are a ton of great songs on the album like, "Hey Look Ma, I Made It," but I'm really loving "High Hopes." Have you seen the music video? Brendon Urie actually climbs a building! 


Do you think he'll go flying on our iHeart stage like Pink did? (This will always be my favorite performance)


We'll find out what Brendon does tonight at the festival tonight!!! 

3. MAX 

MAX is going to be performing at our Daytime Village. Even if you don't know the name fully, you've heard his songs like "Lights Down Low." MAX performed in our AT&T Thanks Sound Studio last year and he put on a SHOW! You can check out the pics here. Check out him performing "Lights Down Low" acoustically at Elvis Duran and the Q102 Morning Show! 


So these are the three I'm most excited for this weekend. How about you??? Let me know! 


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