How Much Did Drake Spend in AC Gambling?!?

This is mind-boggling. Page Six is reporting that Drake spent $200,000 at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino gambling! 200-THOUSAND DOLLARS??? What?!?

After Drake played his show in Philly on Sunday, he went down to the Hard Rock's nightclub, Daer to do a set. After that was done, Drake and his entourage were going to go to another party that a friend was playing at, but it was too full. Instead, he decided to go gambling in the private casino area. They even reopened one of the restaurants for him! 

Here's some of his set at Daer: 


I'm sure that for Drake dropping $200k isn't that much, but can you believe being so rich that you just blow through that in one night??? Wow! 

How do I sign up to be one of Drake's friends?   

Photo: Michael Loccisano / Staff - Getty Images 


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