Philly Union Soccer Team Introduces New Mascot 'Phang' [VIDEO]

We've welcomed a new Philadelphia Mascot to our city sports team family!

Meet 'Phang' who the Philadelphia Union Soccer Team has introduced as their friendly, punk-rock, "snake" to take the face of their field and their team. 

However, lots of Philly Fans are confused by Phang... apparently because he's a snake with arms and legs. 

Now I was slightly concerned at first, but quite frankly-- I'm rather glad we don't have mascot that will need to slither along the floors of the field because THAT would be a tad more concerning in my opinion... But then I remember we have the Philly Phanatic...and if we can accept and love him than we can surely take in a confused "snake". 

But just to give everyone piece of mind, A snake with arms and legs could be equivalent to a Salamander-- just saying. 


Check out Phang's really cool entrance at the Philly zoo as he's the newest addition! 


He's already so loved by all of his other Philly Mascot friends -- cause ya know, it's the city of #BrotherlyLove!


OH-- speaking of mascots and showing SPIRIT!

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